Our In-house Executive Chef

Chef Toshikazu Kamibeppu, a native Japanese.

Leading from Ginza Sushi-ichi,Tokyo to Guenpin Fugu, Singapore and Nanohana ,Bangkok.

Chef Toshikazu was also the Executive and Private Chef for Official Residence of Embassy of Japan in Honduras in 2018.

With over thirty years of experience, Chef Toshikazu particularly well known for his crafty hands as well as his precise management.

He will be using only the finest and fresh ingredients for Sake-Yo.

Chef Toshikazu will create a perfect, flavorful sake pairing food and creations thru our Omakase Menu.
Pakuwon Mall | 2nd Floor | 43 Surabaya, 60213
031-99150556 | info@sakeyo.id | RSVP 08113286899